What is the difference?

Vertigo and dizziness, are symptoms rather than a disease. They do differ subtly with dizziness a potential symptom of someone suffering from vertigo. People often use the word "dizziness" when they are talking about a variety of symptoms, including:

- Vertigo (a feeling of spinning or whirling when you are not actually moving). 

- Unsteadiness (a sense of imbalance or staggering when standing or walking). 

- Lightheadedness or feeling as if you are about to faint (presyncope). This may mean there is a heart problem or low blood pressure. 

- Dizziness caused by breathing too rapidly (hyperventilation) or anxiety

See below articles and interviews that will help you understand and take control of your symptom. 


Vanessa Simpson - Vestibular Physiotherapist

Vanessa works at the Advance Rehab Centre as a senior vestibular and neurological physiotherapist.  She has more than 15 years experience and has extensive expertise in all areas of neurological physiotherapy.  In particular you have a special interest in vestibular rehabilitation

Dr Miriam Welgampola

Dr Miriam Welgampola is Associate Professor of Neurology at the Central Clinical School, University of Sydney.  She is a neuro-otologist and Director of Clinical Research at The Balance Clinic. 


BPV - Benign Positional Vertigo

BPPV - Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 

Dr Carlo Rinaudo - Chiropractor

Clinic director of Brain Hub in Sydney, a clinic focused on vestibular neuro-rehabilitation. He is a chiropractor with post-graduate training in both Australia and overseas and is also undertaking a PhD from the University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  His clinic focuses on dizziness and vertigo conditions, poor balance, migraines, whiplash and concussion symptoms.

Professor Lucy Yardley - Health Psychology

Professor of Health Psychology at University of Southampton and University of Bristol, Director of Life Guide Research Program, a Director of Behavioural Science theme of NIHR BioMedical Research Centre at University of Southampton.  She has  longstanding interest in empowering patients and people in the community to take control over their illness and treatment. 

Alice Thorn - Acupuncturist/Physiotherapist

Alice Thorn is both an acupuncture therapist and physiotherapist, with an interest in vestibular physiotherapy. Alice may use both physiotherapy and acupuncture when treating patients.  Her interest for vestibular disorders grew with the very diverse and interesting workload she has. 

Joey Remenyi, a vestibular audiologist, neuroplasticity therapist

Joey is the Founder of Seeking Balance International.   She supports people globally to overcome their chronic symptoms of dizziness or tinnitus.