Would you like to start a support group?


I see there is a need for support groups and I am often asked the question 

"Why isn't there a support group in my area?"

Anyone can start a support group! It's a great way to meet other dizzy friends in your area!

Starting your own support group is rewarding allowing you and others who are in the same boat share experiences. 

Location for your meet-ups can be anywhere depending on your needs and what you would like to do in your group e.g. a walk in the park, morning tea, lunch, picnic, community halls etc.  They can be run once a year or as often or as little as you like. 

The benefit of a support group is learning from those living with Meniere’s Disease. It’s about supporting each other in so many ways:

· Helps with feeling lonely or isolated

· Getting information about resources that are available

· Learning from others about treatment and management of the disease 

· Staying motivated to manage on day to day basis 

· Can help improve your coping skills 

· Making friends 

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, if you would like to be part of a support group in your area please feel free to contact me for support and see what we can do to set a group up.  

Contact Anne:   dizzyanne.wfps@gmail.com