Unilateral -v- Bilateral Survey Results

I ran a survey comparing sufferers who have unilateral Meniere's and the number who have bilateral Meniere's.   

The results are quite interesting.  

The survey was run over over seven days with 144 participants responding to most questions (not all questions were answered)

Please see attached PDF for results at 1 November 2019

Uni Syd Research Questionnaire: For those who have had Gentamicin Injections or Surgery

Where are you now

I have been contacted by USYD student doing research on Meniere's Disease. The student is Imelda Hannigan, a registered nurse who has worked in neuro-otology for many years whose supervisor is Prof. Miriam Welgampola. They are interested in the lifelong impact of Meniere's disease for those who have had gentamicin injections or surgery ."   

It would be appreciated if you can support the Uni in their research by answering this short Questionnaire.

Please copy and paste the questions into an email to: 


Complete and send to me. 

This questionnaire relates to those who have had gentamicin injections or surgery to control their Meniere’s Disease.   



Have you had any surgery or gentamicin injections to control Meniere’s disease?  Yes/No

Ongoing balance Symptoms? 

- When was your last vertigo attack?  How long did it last?  

- Do you take any medication to control your vertigo?

- Have you any imbalance when walking? 

- Have you had any drop attacks or falls in the last 12 months? 

- Do your symptoms go away when you are still, sitting or lying down?

Ongoing hearing symptoms:

- Do you have hearing loss? Right ear/Left ear/Both/None?

- Tinnitus? Right ear/Left ear/Both/None?

- Is your tinnitus?: Constant/Occasional/other

- Is your tinnitus: Pulsing (like a heartbeat/Buzzing/Other

Impact on life NOW:

- Does Meniere’s Disease still affect your day to day life? YES/NO/comment

- If ‘YES’ is it: a lot/a little

- Does Meniere’s disease prevent you driving?  all the time/sometimes/no/other

- Does Meniere’s disease stop you doing your work? all the time/sometimes/ no/other

- Does Meniere’s disease stop you going out socially? all the time/sometimes/no

- Does it stop you caring for or participating in family? all the time/sometimes/no

- Do you feel Meniere’s disease is affecting your overall health? YES/NO

-  Do you suffer headaches? YES/NO?  

-  If ‘YES’ do you take medication for the headaches?