Consequences on mental health?

Having a vestibular disorder doesn’t only affect your physical health, but also has social and mental health consequences that can dramatically impact your life.  Some people may experience anxiety and/or depression.  Some may experience a prolonged process of psychological adjustment before coming to terms with their condition.  The various phases can include denial, grief, anger, depression, resolution, acceptance. 

It’s important to learn how MD affects you.  

- Accept you have MD even though it will limit what you can do. Understanding how your condition makes you feel

- Work out what support you need

- Recognise you can get on with life by making the necessary changes 

- Connect with people in similar situations for support

- Share your experiences as this can be a great comfort knowing you are not the only one living with this condition. 

Let's get on with our lives!


Dr Sarah Edelman, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sarah Edelman is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Sarah facilitates training programs for psychologists at the Black Dog Institute Sydney and the Australian Psychological Society, runs training programs for government and business organisations, conducts public workshops on the use of CBT therapy at Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education. She published 'Change your Thinking" a best seller in the self-help genre.