Who we are

We are a supportive group of sufferers of Meniere's disease and other vestibular disorders.  

Support Group Meetings

Meeting dates - NSW and VIC

Start a support group in your area and add to this list.  

Professional Contacts

This is a list of medical professionals  in Sydney.  I have listed suburbs, phone and website links .

Information links

Links to organisations and support groups with contact details. 


Dr Daniel Brown of Meniere's Research will be updating us once a month on the latest research findings.

Meniere's Articles

These articles will help you understand Meniere's and treatment eg Prof Bill Gibson's  Meniere's Treatment Ladder.

Interviews - Practitioners

What can a practitioner in their specialised field do for you?  These interviews may answer your questions.

Physical Activity

How can you continue to keep some level of fitness?  

These interviews may help you decide. 


Family, friends and carers may be able to understand more about Meniere's disease through our stories.   Please share.