When to visit an audiologist?

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Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Meniere's Disease


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Menieres's Disease


What's making that sound?


Dr Celene McNeil - Audiologist

Celene McNeil is the Director of Healthy Hearing & Balance Care, Bondi Junction. Celene is a fully qualified audiologist holding a bachelor of applied sciences in speech and hearing obtained at PUCC Brazil, a Masters of Audiology and a PhD in Meniere’s disease from Macquarie University in Australia. Celene has been working as an audiologist in Australia since 1989

"Hearing Loss and tinnitus are two amongst the four symptoms of Meniere’s disease. The severity of these symptoms and the strategies to cope with them vary according to the stages of the disease." Dr Celene McNeil

When to visit an audiologist

Hearing loss  or loss of ability to distinguish  speech or location of sound is symptom of Meniere's Disease.   The hearing loss is usually in the low frequencies and includes fuzzy and unclear quality of sounds.   The sanction of ear fullness and the sensitivity to noise.   Some noise can even hurt the ears while other noises although quiet, the pitch may cause the pain.   Noises in the ear (tinnitus)  be like hissing, roaring or ringing, or a combination of sounds. The tinnitus may be relentless, or fade in and out. The volume of the tinnitus is variable too, and often increases before a Meniere’s attack

There are a variety of  treatments for managing tinnitus e.g. adjustment to medication, counselling, relaxation therapy, stress management and advice with hearing aids, white noise generations (WNG) and environmental sound enrichment.

At what stage does an MD sufferer visit an audiologist? 

"Whenever tinnitus, ear fullness and/or hearing loss is noticed it is worth seeing an audiologist for at least a baseline hearing assessment. To have a relationship with an audiologist is fundamental for the well- being of patients with Meniere’s disease. The audiologist will help to monitor the symptoms and liaise with your ENT specialist or neurologist when vestibular symptoms become out of control." C.McNeil 

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