Each sufferer has a story and their story helps others understand life with Meniere's Disease.  Below are stories from various Meniere's sufferers e.g. bilateral with two implants, a registered nurse, adult personal trainer, author, singer and more 

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Glenda is bilateral, she lost her hearing and now has two cochlear implants

Glenda tells us: 

"The cause of my Deafness was Meniere's

“I am what I am ……. And I consider myself a very blessed person!”

“I am what I am…… And I will always be a deaf person!”


Julieann - Author

Julieann is an author who was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease in 1995.  She is an advocator of MD and has written books "The Colour of Broken" to raise awareness, profits of which are donated to medical research at MRFI. "For the future, I’ll keep on searching, researching, and writing. "It’s time to find a cure"

See Julianne's blog



Chris - mature aged personal trainer

Chris Morrow is a qualified Mature Age adult Trainer Personal Trainer who has Meniere’s Diasease.   She teaches mature aged adults fitness from 60 onwards.  Chris is 69 and says she is not an easy taskmaster.  Attendees have to work towards their fitness.  Her classes are based on falls prevention and improving quality of life.


Dianne - Registered Nurse

Dianne was a registered nurse who has bilateral Meniere’s.  Dianne was 58 when she was diagnosed with Meniere’s 13 years ago.  

" .... It is a daily challenge for all of us whether unilateral or bilateral.  I deal with the symptoms as they happen and really try to give it as little of my day as possible.  When it all becomes too much, I have used behaviour therapy with some success."


June - Singer

"...   As a singer I was often concerned should I lose hearing in both ears.  As singers are right ear dominant I was still able to pitch perfectly despite diminished hearing in the left ear. During my singing career of thirty years, approximately 500 performances and 60 productions I only missed one performance as a result of Ménière’s.  I often wonder if adrenaline has a part to play in the control of this condition."



" ...  At the time of my drop attacks it was suggested I have Gentamicin injections. 

This would have reduced or eliminated these attacks but I chose to ride it out as my balance was still very good and I knew it would have compromised my cycling and old age balance.  I had a total of 16 drop attacks from July 2013 to Sept 2016. "


Dizzy Anne

Co-ordinator Sydney Support Group 

I have had Meneire's since 2015.  When I was first diagnosed I was relieved in a strange sort of way as I finally found out what was wrong with me.  I needed support and so did others so I started the Sydney Meniere's Support group.  Without their support, I would have managed as well as I have. 




Esther was diagnosed in 2000.  "I feel any relief from my chronic imbalance may only come from a balance device or implant to restore the equilibrium of both ears. I am therefore hoping that budding inventors, innovators, scientists, researchers etc. will take up the initiative and fast track a device in order to reduce or eliminate the chronic imbalance."




Mathew noticed there was a problem in 1997.  His next episode was in 2006 and in 2007 he was diagnosed with Meniere’s. 

“Throughout my journey I have been very lucky with beautiful love and support from my partners and my son and daughters.  They have been my rock and not sure that I would have gotten through without them.  Work has been amazingly supportive but I feel like lately their patience has run out . “ 




"So, please don't judge me unless you've been in my shoes."   

This story has been shared on various websites and goes back more than 10 years. Author and date unknown.  

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Unknown Author - Unknown Date