2020 Calendar

COVID-19:    Due to the Corona Virus all meetings will be postponed until further notice.   Your local co-ordinator will keep you posted.    Your health is of utmost importance!   

Meniere's Disease Meetings:

Queensland:    Southport, Brisbane 

NSW:                 Sydney, Newcastle 

Victoria:            Ballarat, Geelong, Bairnsdale

Sth Australia:   Adelaide 

Cochlear Implant Meetings: 


Gladesville - CICADA 

Macquarie University:   Cochlear Implant Tour (8 July - See under events) 

If you would like to start a group in your area please contact me:


Meeting Details

Sydney, Glebe, NSW

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Ballarat, Vic

Cicada Gladesville, NSW

Melbourne East , Vic

Melbourne East , Vic

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,

Melbourne East , Vic

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,

Hamlyn Heights, Geelong,

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,

Bairnsdale, East Gippsland,


Adelaide, South Australia

West End, Brisbane

West End, Brisbane

Adelaide, South Australia

West End, Brisbane

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

Sydney Support Meetings for 2019


Due to the Corona Virus hitting our shores, all meetings will be postponed until further notice.  I will keep you posted as to the rescheduled date in due course.   

Your health is of utmost importance!   

Stay well everyone

Guest Speaker:  Dr Celene McNeil (Audiologist) - Healthy Hearing & Balance Care.   

This clinic has developed a reputation of being able to solve the hearing and balance needs of those who could not be helped elsewhere.  Dr Celene McNeill with Prof Bill Gibson and Ms Kathee DeLapp have a special interest in Meniere’s disease, tinnitus and other chronic auditory and vestibular disorders.

Interactive Session:  

Hearing journey of individuals with Meniere’s disease

Hearing loss is one of the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Initially the hearing loss fluctuates but as the disease progresses to its final stages it becomes permanent. Management of hearing loss helps to improve quality of life. This presentation will describe the effects of hearing loss and its progression. Hearing technology options will be discussed by the audiologist and the journey from hearing aids to cochlear implant will be presented by 3 ladies with Menieres who have gone through the process.  

This will be an interactive session and the audience will be encouraged to ask questions.

Benledi House

Time: 10.30 - 12.30 

Venue: Benledi House, 186 Glebe Point Road

Entry fee:  $6-$10

Sufferers, family, friends and supporters are welcome

RSVP essential 

Contact: dizzyanne.wfps@gmail.com


* Saturday 13 June 2020 -  Guest Speaker - Dr Aaron Camp  POSTPONED 

Dr Aaron Camp is a Sydney Medical School Foundation Fellow, head of the Balance and Neurodegeneration Laboratory, and leader of the Meniere's Disease Research Laboratory at The University of Sydney. Dr Camp has been awarded the RL Cooper Foundation Prize for his work, been funded through the NHMRC, Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation, and Brain Foundation and was appointed to his current post at The University of Sydney in 2011. 

Dr. Camp’s main research focus is the neuronal mechanisms underlying peripheral and central balance function, during both health and disease with a focus on Meniere’s Disease. He is recognized as a world-leader in the field of vestibular function, and animal models of disease. His research uses patch-clamp and sharp microelectrode electrophysiology, trans-synaptic viral tracing and EMG recording. In addition, Dr. Camp developed a novel behavioural assessment method that is used worldwide to assess the balance function of mice, and has successfully translated work to the clinic through a refined test of balance function for older and neurodegenerative patients.

POSTPONED:   * Saturday 8 August  2020



184 -6 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 


It is the same building as Glebe Library

The community garden is on the left of Belindi House and the library is at the back of the building.  

Enter through the front door and not the library 







Street Parking is available 

Buses from Central Station 

431, 433

Buses on the Coogee, Leichhardt, Newtown route 


Cicada Social Meetups

Sunday BBQ and Thursday Morning Tea 

CICADA Australia Inc is a registered charity and volunteer organisation helping the hearing impaired.  This is a cochlear implant support group  for recipients of cochlear implants.  It's an opportunity for them to meet them to meet face to face.  
Family and friends of recipients are always welcome.


SCIC, Building 39 Old Gladesville Hospital Entry is from Punt Rd, Gladesville, NSW

THURSDAY MORNING TEA:  First Thursday of every month from February to October 

Time:   10.30 am to 12pm 

Dates:   2 Apr, 7 May, 4 Jun, 2 Jul, 6 Aug, 3 Sep, 1 Oct 

SUNDAY BBQ’s  - With guest speakers

Time:   11am to 3pm

Dates:   17 May, 16 Aug, 5 Nov 

Contact CICADA for more information

Website www.cicada.org.au

For more information:  suewalters@cicada.org.au

Ballarat Support Group

The Ballarat chronic balance disorders support group

When:   first Wednesday of the month 

Time:     1.30pm 

Where:  Ballarat South Senior Citizens Centre 

600 Latrobe Street, Redan. 

Bring a plate afternoon tea . 

Gold coin donation. 

Enquiries: Richard 0428454597 or rbrundle@gmail.com


The Meniere's Melbourne East Support Group

For more information please contact: 

Andrea 0422 602 429


Date:   Contact Andrea 

Time:  10am -12noon 

Where:  Room 2,  Camberwell Library,  340 Camberwell Rd Camberwell

Parking available around the library, tram 75 stops at library on Camberwell Rd and Camberwell Station is not far away. 

Cost $5 - All welcome. 

Come for a chat and cuppa

Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria.

Linda Wilkinson is located in Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria. 

Linda runs sessions a few times a year, 


For more information email Linda on 


Hamlyn Heights, Geelong, Victoria

Date:     First Friday of the month 

Time:   10.00am - 12.00pm

Venue:   Vines Road Community Centre

                37-61 Vines Road, 

               Hamlyn Heights, Geelong, Vic 

Contact:   Elle  

email:   elletherianat@gmail.com

mobile:   0409 939 361

West End, Brisbane

Please contact Kaylee for meeting details: 

Contact:   Kaylee 

Facebook:  Kaylee World-wanderer

Email:  wandering_the_world@hotmail.com 

Adelaide Support Group

Please contact Maria for information: 

Contact:  Maria Fortunaso 

Email:  mariafortunaso@yahoo.com.au

Phone: 042295878


After a successful Information session with Professor Gibson, attendees asked if a support group could be set up.   Monica has put up her hand for this.   

Venue:      Zara’s House - 1 Hill Street Jesmond,

Dates:       8 August 202 

Contact:    Monica  Byrne

Email:        colnmonbyrnes@bigpond.com